My mixed media painting series, Runaway: Going, Going, Gone, is inspired by the discovery of “Wanted” advertisements from the late 1700s and early to late 1800s. These advertisements describe runaway enslaved people of African descent in, sometimes minute, details. Descriptions of hair color and styles, clothes, complexion, scars, size, and demeanor conjure vivid images in real and tangible ways. This painting series is a commemoration of our survival and our ability to thrive under the most adverse beginnings. It is also an invitation for viewers to reflect on the importance of remembering those who have come before us. Remembering the price they had to pay to survive. Remembering what it means to be free.
Mary – 1793 
Acrylic, Wax, Washi, and Mixed Media, 18" x 24
Ran away from the subscriber, on the Night of the 28th Instant, a large, likely Negro Wench, named MARY, about 22 Years of age, speaks good English dresses her hair high; carried away with her One light Chintz Gown, One white Linen Ditto, One blue and white striped Linen Ditto, One purple Moreene Skirt, one white Diaper Ditto, Three Flannel Petticoats; One black silk Hat, one black figured Worsted Cloak, one light Chintz short Gown, one white Linen Ditto, One red and white Woollen Ditto, Shoes, Stockings, and a large supply of other wearing Apparel—Whoever will take up said Negro, and return her to the Subscriber, in Westerly State of Rhode Island shall have FIVE DOLLARS Reward, paid by JOSEPH NOYES.
Nelly - 1809
Acrylic, Wax, Washi, and Mixed Media, 24" x 36", 
10 DOLLARS REWARD. RANAWAY from the subscriber on the 15th instant, a Negro Girl named Nelly, 16 years of age, stout built, rather short, yellow complexion, long Indian hair, curled before, bold, but rather down looking. Had on a white gown, light shawl, straw bonnet, and black shoes; also took with her a green umbrella with a fringe. Who ever will take up said girl, and return her to her mistress living near Stoney Brook, two and a half miles this side of Princeton, shall receive the above reward. AMEY CHESTION October 24, 1809
Silva - 1784
Acrylic, Wax, Washi, and Mixed Media, 18" x 24"
Run away from the subscriber the 17th instant, a Negro Wench named Silva, about 24 years of age, smallish size, thick and well made, had on and took with her a brown skirt and striped short gown. Whoever will take up and secure said wench and give information to the subscriber, shall have Five dollars reward and charges paid by, Elijah Hensdale - Farmington, June 19, 1784
NB Said Wench before she runaway threw a stone and fractured the skull of her master and otherwise much wounded him.
Bilhah - 1764
Acrylic, Wax, Washi, and Mixed Media, 18" x 24" 
RAN-away from me the Subscriber, the 14th Instant, a Molatto Woman named BILHAH, aged 30 Years, a tall,, thick built, well proportioned Wench: had on a brown short camblet Cloak, a light colour’d stuff Gown, barr’d with Yellow, a blue camblet Quilt, and check’d linen Apron, black silk Bonnet, a large pair flower’d silver shoe-buckles, may possibly pretend to be a Free Woman, or may Change her Apparel for Men’s Cloathing. All Masters of Vessels are cautioned from carrying off said Molatto – Any Person who shall secure said Molatto Wench in any of His Majesty’s Goals shall have FOUR DOLLARS Reward and necessary Charges paid by JARED ELIOT. KILLINGWORTH, Mar. 21, 1764
Jack (Ran away from Abraham Lincoln's family)
Acrylic, Wax, Washi, and Mixed Media, 24" x 36" 
RUN away on the 13th of September last from Abraham Lincoln of Springfield in the County of Chester, a Negro Man named Jack, about 30 Years of Age, low Stature, speaks little or no English, has a Scar by the Corner of one Eye, in the Form of a V, his Teeth notched, and the Top of one of his Fore Teeth broke; He had on when he went away an old Hat, a grey Jacket partly like a Sailor's Jacket. Whoever secures the said Negro and brings him to his Master, or to Mordecai Lincoln ... shall have Twenty Shillings Reward and reasonable Charges" 
Mordecai Lincoln (1686-1736) was great-great-grandfather of President Lincoln.
Will (Ran away from George Washington's estate) - 1771
Acrylic, Wax, Washi, and Mixed Media, 24" x 36"
Williamsburg, July 18, 1771. YORK County, July 3, 1771. RAN away, about the middle of June last, from Mr. John Park Custis's plantation, near the Capitol landing, a likely young Virginia born Negro fellow named WILL, about 6 feet high, very full faced, and full eyed. The Said Negro broke York goal some time ago, and was taken again, but in bringing him home to the Said plantation he made his escape from the overseer. AS he passed at York Some time for a free man, I have reason to believe that he will try to get on board Some vessel. Whoever will bring the Said Negro to me, near Williamsburg, Shall receive TWENTY SHILLINGS reward, besides what the law allows. He is out-lawed. JOSEPH VALENTINE. N.B. All masters of vessels are cautioned against taking him on board at their peril. 
Valentine was overseer of Custis estates when George Washington married Martha Custis in 1759.
Simsbury (No Name)
Acrylic, Wax, Washi, and Mixed Media, 18" x 24
TEN DOLLARS REWARD. Run away from the subscriber living in Simsbury, in Hartford county, on the day before the election at Hartford, a negro man about 27 years of age, about 5 feet and 8 inches high, and lisps some in his speech; had on when he went away a brown coat and red waist coat, a white Holland shirt, a new caster hat, a new pair of leather breeches, a pair of blue stockings, carried away with him a blue vest, two pair of stockings the one pale blue the other deep blue, two pair of shoes. Whoever shall take up said negro and return him to me shall have ten dollars reward and necessary charges paid, or secure him in any of his majesty’s goals and send me word so that I may have him again shall have five dollars reward and necessary charges paid, by TIMOTHY MOSES
John - 1796
Run-away from the subscriber the 4th inst. A Mulatto Boy named JOHN, 16 years old, short of his age and stocky; took with him 5 shirts, one ruffled on the bosom, one white silk and two bandanna handkerchiefs, two white and two striped linen do. one cravat three pair stockings, 3 jackets one of which is scarlet broadcloth two pair tow cloth overhalls two do. [overhalls] nankeen one do. [overhalls] dark broadcloth one green broadcloth short coat, one elastic great coat one pair new shoes one new round hat a pair boots a short lead colour’d jacket and a  pair dark homemade overhalls.  Whoever will take up said boy and return him, with the cloathing, or give information where he is kept, shall have a generous reward, or one farthing reward for said boy without the cloathing. All persons are forbid harboring or keeping said boy on penalty of the law. Raphel Fontienne. Hartford, March 9 1796
Jesse - 1803
Acrylic, Wax, Washi, and Mixed Media, 18" x 24" 
Stop a Thief and Runaway. Ranaway from the subscriber, on the 2d ult. A negro boy named JESSE, 17 years old, 5 feet 5 or 6 inches high, well made, is of a lively air and speaks good English; was born in North Carolina. Stole from me a grey coat and waistcoat, and nankeen overalls–from Providence, a two mast cedar boat. Who every will return said boy to me, or secure him so that I get him again, shall receive Thirty Dollars and all necessary expenses. All persons are cautioned against harboring said boy. BENJ. SHORES, jun.
January 15, 1805 Five Dollars Reward. Run, or taken away last Sunday evening, from the subscriber, living at the corner of Prince and Royal streets; a little Negro Girl named Darkey, purchased by me at Public Sale at the market square, late the property of George Singleton. The said Negro Girl is ab
Hannah Run away from the subscriber, a Negro or Mulatto Girl, named Hannah, but assumes the name of Hannah Wadson, had on a calico bonnet, and other thin cloths, middling size, with long black hair, was the property of Thomas Philips of Salisbury; from whom she pretends an emancipation (SOLD)
Sall and Her Son - 1792 (SOLD)
Acrylic, Wax, Washi, and Mixed Media 24" x 36"
RUN AWAY form the subscriber on the 17th of last Month his Negroe woman, Sall—She is about thirty-six years of age, to strangers of an insinuating behaviour, took with her a large bundle of wearing cloaths, and her infant
(SOLD) Bristol
Ten Dollars Reward RUN-away last night from the subscriber, a Negro servant, named BRISTOL, about 34 years of age; carried with him two suits of Cloaths two pair of Leather Breeches, one pair mill dress’d; a red Great Coat, a Castor Hat, (SOLD)
(SOLD) Jenny  – 1796 
Acrylic, Wax, Washi, and Mixed Media, 18" x 24 RAN AWAY from the Subscriber on the 17th Instant, at Night, a Negro WOMAN, named Jenny, about 25 Years of Age, large and of a lightish color, and has a flat large nose. She took with her a male Negro Child, about 17-Months old.
(SOLD) Hamon
RUN-away from the subscriber on the 10th inst. A Negro man, named Hamon, more than middling for size, light complexion, one thumb off at the middle joint, about twenty-eight years of age; had on when he went away, (SOLD)
(SOLD) Jeffery. Run-away from Stephen Goodwin of Goshen, in the county of Litchfield, in the evening of the 2d of June instant, a negro servant about 25 years of age, named JEFFERY, speaks tolerable good English—He took with him one check linen shirt; one pair strip’d linen trowsers; (SOLD)
(SOLD) Julian Francois
RAN-AWAY From the subscriber on the 24th inst. A negro man, named Julian Francois, between 19 and 20 years of age, speaks French and some broken English, has a very cross down look with him, thick lips and very black skin (SOLD)
(SOLD) Nancy Ran away from me the Subscriber on the 19th instant, A dark mulatto woman, named Nancy sometimes called Nancy Studdard – She is a woman rather under size, about 16 years of age; is neat in her person and walks with a quick step, has a fierceness in her eyes, (SOLD)
(SOLD) Ten Dollars Reward, Ran away from the subscriber 16th instant, a Negro Wench, named Nell, twenty two years old had a child with her aged 3 months; the Wench is short and clumsey, her dress when she ran-away consisted of a tow-cloth short gown and petticoat, and a hat with a blue veil
(SOLD) Quam Run away from the subscriber the 19th instant, a likely negro fellow named Quam, about twenty-five years old, is a very black negro—small eyes, has a small longish scar on the upper part and on one side of the forehead,, is about five feet and four inches, is a very sober fellow,
(SOLD) Sampson Ten Dollars Reward. RUN away from the Subscriber in Canterbury on the Night following the 26th Instant a Mulatto Slave named Sampson, about 5 feet 8 inches high, and thirty Years of Age. He is a Slender built Fellow, has thick Lips, a curled, Mulatto Head of Hair, uncut
(SOLD) Simile Run away from the Subscriber, on the 12 inst. A negro girl named Simile,--about 18 years of age—trim built—very thick lips--had on a light coloured striped quilt---a brown loose gown---a crimson cloak and a black bonnet.  Four dollars
(SOLD) Tony. Ran-away from the Subscriber the Evening of the 4th Instant a Negro Man named Tony, about 25 Years of Age, about 5 Feet 10 Inches high, well Set and very Black; took with him when he went away, a new coat and Vest of a claret Colour, mixed with red  (
(SOLD) Absalom Ran away on the 25th of November last past from his master Mr. Caleb Bennet of Portsmouth on Rhode-Island an Indian Lad named Absalom Jennings, about 16 Years of Age of a middle statue and well fit, had on when he went away a dark mors-colur’d Wastcoat, another grey waistcoat,
(SOLD) Jack. 1785 On Tuesday evening the 25th instant, ran away for my Tas Works, my Negro Man JACK, aged about 24 years, about 5 feet and half high, marked with a large gash or cross on each cheek, and part of his scalp taken off the back part of his head,
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